Online Casinos in Vermont: Are Casino Sites Legal in VT 2022?|Guide to Online Casinos in Vermont: The Best Vermont Casino Sites for 2022

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Guide to Online Casinos in Vermont: The Best Vermont Casino Sites for 2022

The law surrounding the use of Vermont online casinos is about as confusing as they come. The state lawmakers have actively blocked attempts to introduce a regulated gambling industry, whilst offering no clearly defined or imposed law prohibiting gambling online. This ambiguity is very familiar, and many states across the country live in a similar state of limbo. To make matters worse for gamblers living in the Green Mountain State, there is no tribal reservations, or even legalized commercial real-money gaming vendors – therefore the only option many face is to access the hundreds of online casinos being hosted off-shore. Throughout this review we’ll explore in a little more detail how the legal fight is progressing, and what the future holds for gambling in Vermont.

The Vermont legal framework is very hostile towards any gambling reform. It may be several years before a legalized industry is established.

Jessica Whitehouse, Casino Expert Why You Can Trust

  • Relying on sources such as: The WCAX and the Burlington Free Press to stay on top of all the local debate and issues being raised related to the gambling industry.
  • Online casinos are our specialty, but our teams are equally good at reviewing gambling games as well,including video poker and they’ve even created an online slots guide.
  • When it comes to law changes, we make sure to follow movements of the Library of Congress and the Vermont State Legislature in Montpelier.

Available Casino Games in Vermont

Unfortunately for residents of Vermont, online casinos have not been legalized, and neither have real-money casino venues. All of this equals a very unfriendly stance towards gambling, far from perfect conditions for any betting enthusiast. There are two options you’re left with facing this pretty bleak scenario; either travel across the border to a legalized gambling territory, or access the inter-state or “off-shore” casinos that are readily available to anyone with an internet connection. Although you would be going against the whim of the state legislature, the games below can all be accessed.

  • Slots: there are many fantastic slot games available on inter-state online casinos.
  • Roulette: is the casino classic that Vermont residents look forward to playing in licensed venues when legislation passes.
  • Blackjack: there are over 100 websites accessible from Vermont accepting real-money bets on the classic card game.
  • Video Poker: perhaps we will see this one legalized sooner rather than later, for now “off-shore” vendors serve the locals needs.
  • Texas Hold ‘em: more a skill based games than a gamble, lawmakers objected legalizing but progress is being made.

History of Casino Gambling in Vermont

Despite the very restricted legal framework that is currently in place within Vermont – there have at times been glimpses of hope and reprisal. Daily Fantasy Sports in Vermont have been completely legalized, and they were in fact the second state to take the initiative on the issue. Throughout the history of the Green Mountain State lawmakers have flirted with the idea of legalizing online gambling, and establishing land-based casinos, but never followed through with a consensus backing. Although no definitive victory has been made, progress is being made on both fronts. The following timeline will take you through some of the key milestones in the gambling history of Vermont.

Vermont Casino Laws History and Facts

Year Event
1960 In an unprecedented move, the state legislature approves pari-mutuel betting at local horse racing tracks and fairs. The move invigorates the industry and the horse breeding and training market sees a sharp uptick.
1976 Vermont lawmakers decide to follow in the footsteps of neighboring territories and offer a referendum to legalize charity gambling and establish a state lottery in the process. The result is an overwhelming majority supporting the move, and the motion is established in Vermont law.
1998 With the lottery running successfully for almost two-decades, proceeds begin pouring into the public coffers.
2011 Despite numerous important milestones being achieved, the proposal to establish a land-based casino industry in Vermont is rejected at the committee level. A huge setback for advocates of gambling legalization within the territory.
2017 The Daily Fantasy Sports system works successfully in many states around the country, and allows wagering on fantasy performance games linked to sports such as baseball and football. However, Vermont lawmakers did not see the value in such an industry and blocked legislation to introduce it to the market.
2019 After tip-toeing around the idea for several years, it now seems unlikely that in the near future Vermont will legalize sports betting, or regulate online gambling.

Casino Gambling Age in Vermont

As Vermont does not operate a legal regulated casino industry, there are no specific age limits because the whole thing is considered illegal. But using some common-sense you can probably identify that the age you can expect to be required to play at one of these specific venues would be in the realms of 18 – 21 years old. In fact, to access the vast majority of online casinos in the United States the only requirement is that you are over the age of 18.

Online Casino Age

If you want to gamble online at the inter-state casinos available to residents throughout the country, you‘ll need to be at least 18 years old.

Alcohol Age

Drinking alcohol is an activity that many of us enjoy responsibly. In the United States the law universally requires 21 years as the minimum age.

Smoking marijuana is not something that is viewed as illegal in Vermont. It is allowed for medical and recreational usage for adults over 21 years old.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

If you’re looking to bet responsibly in any capacity, then you’ll be wise to only use accredited and regulated casinos. However, the predicament for residents of Vermont is no such market exists. The fallout from this can be catastrophic. Without a centralized database confirming the numbers of people in Vermont gambling, statistics on addiction levels are hard to extract. It is not known exactly how many people are playing in the un-regulated “off-shore” casinos. And with huge amounts of potential tax revenue flowing across the border, people suffering from gambling addiction without proper support, the legislature must act soon and respond to these urgent issues before it’s too late.

Can I Play Without Deposit?

No matter where you go around the world, there will very rarely be chances to get something for nothing. However, in the online casinos business, sometimes it pays for the operator to give free trial funds / bonus funds to prospecting customers. By offering a risk free incentive to sample the platform, gain the trust and loyalty of the customer, and let them test out the product, business can grow and prosper. It is a classic technique in the online casinos industry, offer customers a tempting sign-up bonus and attract vast quantities of players to the casino at a small cost, but in the long run, make huge profits off them.

Upcoming Casino Regulation and Expected Changes

In terms of the legalization of Vermont online casinos, this could be a long upwards fight. Recent decisions made inside the General Assembly of Vermont have gone against any liberalization of the gambling and sports betting markets. In fact, staunch conservative Republicans are actively blocking the path towards regulation and establishment of all forms of gambling. But with the ever increasing pressure growing on publicly funded services, the potential income through tax revenues is too much to resist. When the dominoes begin to fall and neighboring states unanimously back online casino legislation, Vermont will toe the line and join the majority.