Welcome To Nosara Community

“We create communities with people who believe in a sustainable future.”

Imagine a community of like-minded people whose love of nature, wellness, and family brings them all together in one very special place. A sustainable community from the top down with plenty of space to grow food and raise livestock for all of the members of the community to enjoy. One that features green architectural design and construction principles, and plenty of space between residences to maintain privacy while providing wild space for native flora and fauna to flourish. A place where permaculture is the rule of thumb and health and wellness – both mental and physical – are its cornerstones.

Welcome to Nosara Community. A place with a quiet presence that speaks volumes.

The Concept

Nosara Community Concept

Self-sustainable, self-contained, inclusive, stylish, wired, always in harmony with nature.

An inclusive community of like-minded individuals and families sharing a sustainable lifestyle with health, nature, spirituality, and wellness at its cornerstones.

Located in one of the happiest, peaceful, green, and most beautiful countries in the world and offering shared services and amenities.

Planned and built using sustainable building practices for contemporary living and rental income generation in harmony with Nature

A real estate investment opportunity with a purpose for both the present and the future, offering solid income opportunities and asset appreciation.

Nosara Community Concept

Project Overview

  • An independent, self-sufficient, and sustainable community.
  • Plenty of space and privacy.
  • Accessible to a wide variety of prospective buyers by virtue of its wide range of pricing options. An inclusive community rather than an exclusive community.
  • A place for like-minded people who would prefer to live with Nature than dominate it.
  • Sustainable home construction options using local labor and materials to the greatest extent possible.
  • Sustainable and controllable permaculture and livestock husbandry, with food sharing to allow residents to be independent of commercial farming practices, and more in control of the food they put inside their bodies.

Nosara Community Concept

Project Overview

  • A community centered on wellness, health, exercise, family, Nature, and a sort of common “spirituality.”
  • An area of Costa Rica famous for its yoga, surfing, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, astounding natural beauty - and its laid-back, “pura vida” lifestyle.
  • Access to good private and public amenities like schools, clinics, and hospitals.
  • Access to Nature from your front door
  • Great income potential for both long-term and vacation rentals.
  • A one of a kind buying opportunity in a project like no other in Costa Rica. Completely unique. You'll never want to leave!

The Nosara Community

Nosara Community Overview

Self-sustainable, self-contained, inclusive, stylish, wired, always in harmony with nature

• Total Project Area 323 has. – only 9% will be developed.
• 50 very large, private lots. (2,100 m2 – 11,360 m2)
• For residents and vacationers.
• Commercial Area with parking. (8,800 m2)
• 10 Waterfalls.
• Yoga & Meditation Center.
• Horse stables.
• Hiking Trails.
• Communal Garden and Farm with Food Exchange.
• Picnic Areas, Fruit Trees, Gathering Areas, Fire Pits. and a
Sweat Lodge.
• Protected Areas.
• Playground.
• Bikes.
• Water Sports Equipment.
• Car Rental (through affiliate).
• Property and Vacation Rental Marketing & Management.
• High-speed WiFi available anywhere in the Community.

Nosara Community

nosara real estate
Nosara is a little off-the-beaten-path – and most people will tell you they like it that way.”
The Nosara region of Guanacaste consists of five beach towns: Playa Nosara, Playa Guiones, Playa Garza, Playa Pelada, and Playa Ostional. The actual town center of “Nosara town” lies inland about five miles and is where much of the Tico population resides. Most of the hotels, yoga retreats, restaurants, cafés, and surf shops are located in Playa Guiones, making it the most popular spot with expats, as well as with foreign and national tourists alike.


The area is situated about half the way down the west coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. It borders el Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Ostional (“Ostional Wildlife Refuge”). Ostional is famous for its arribadas (“mass nesting events”) of olive ridley and leatherback sea turtles, and is one of the largest olive ridley nesting sites in the world. It’s frequently at the top of everyone’s bucket list for Costa Rica. nosara real estate

nosara real estate is a little off-the-beaten-path – and most people will tell you they like it that way. It’s a place where you’ll find a lot of surfers, yoga practitioners, nature lovers, foodies, and granola-heads woven in amongst the locals.


We’ll celebrate Mother Nature with winding hiking trails that lead to our 10 waterfalls. Horses will be stabled in the community for equestrians. And we’ll feature public gathering areas where residents of all ages can congregate casually for a family picnic or a snooze in the shade. $1,000,000 is budgeted for community infrastructure. amenities

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